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Swarm Studios brisbane

What We Do

To educate (up skill) and enrich (inspire) young people through a high level of urban dance training and performance opportunities including competitions and various community events.

Over the past 10 years we have created an Urban Dance curriculum that includes isolations, grooves, footwork, strengthening and stretch. We have taken the discipline of ballet training and other dance styles and created a class format that will push each student to new levels in their skill in urban dance.

Urban dance is often viewed as a lesser discipline than ballet, Jazz or Tap, however with the rising popularity of urban dance in the commercial scene it is evident that it provides more income not only for working dancers but also Dance schools.

We have trained all the tutors in this style and will continue to train them so that each student can reach his/her potential within the time we have with them.

Who We Are

Swarm Studios are a collective of artists from dancers, singers, graffiti artists and designers that are mainly based in Christchurch now expanding through to Brisbane.

The Swarm dancers make up the tutors of Swarm Studios, and are all trained in the curriculum, to train students in a fun environment to reach their full potential. 

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