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Deception Bay

Majestic Church Deception Bay

We believe God wants to do a new work in Deception Bay and establish a new life giving church.

Interest Gatherings

We invite you to join us at Venue 110 for our interest gatherings weekly on Sundays @ 5:30pm.

Address: Venue 110 - 110 Bailey Rd, Deception Bay.

Our Faith Steps

  • Step One: Open our community connection hub in D'Bay called "Venue 110".
  • Step Two: Gather - host interest/connect nights to meet, worship, pray with people that want to make a difference to start a Majestic Church.
  • Step Three: Build - build a team of 30 to 50 people and equip them in all areas needed to launch a Majestic Church.
  • Step Four: Launch - a strong life giving church in D'Bay in a larger facility.

Our community connection hub, Venue 110 is now open. Check out the Venue 110 website here.